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Presentation of the Order

The Hospital Order Curious and Courteous of the Knights of Saint Bacchus was founded in 1947 in Paris by the Count Jean-Paul Mariage Eudes de Saint Pierre, pleasant epicurean, which wanted to join together, in a climate of friendship and knight spirit, people of good company, of any origines and all professions, amateurs of good wine, to carry out a true crusade against " the mechanized wines and the chemists " and to defend " the -vin vray- and the vine growers " under the banner of a Saint martyr, forgotten by the Church, Saint Bacchus.

This Order is not attached to a vineyard or a particular vintage, but it defends all the wines, whatever their origin, provided that they are francs, natural, healthy and of good quality.


The rallying cry of the Order is:

" Par Saint Bacchus, aymons nous ! "


The Order is an international association to which are attached Large Connétablies. It is directed by an International Committee of the Order, is chaired by the Grand Maître and is composed of the Grands Connétables of each nationality and High-ranking dignitaries elected by the general assembly.

The Connétablies or the Grandes Connétablies are managed by a National Masterly Committee according to the specific laws and payments to each country.

For the Grande Connétablie of France, association law of 1901, the regional establishment is entrusted to the Commanderies.  also associations according to the law of 1901, which are currently five: Paris-Isle de France, Champagne, Rhône-Alpes Bourgogne, Hauts de France and  Narbonnaise. These commanderies can themselves, according to their geographical extent, being divided into Bailliages.

There are also the Grande Connétablie of Belgium , the Grande Connétablie of England and the Grande Connétablie of Canada . Each one is divided into Commanderies or Grandes Commanderies , it is the case in Belgium which comprises eight of them (Aalst, Antwerpen-Métropolis, Brugge, Liege-Verviers, Leuven, Mouscron, Sint- Niklaas and Waregem), in England which comprises two of them (Wessex & Downland and Weald), and in Canada, one (Montreal).


To be allowed for the Order , it is necessary to express an unquestionable interest for the things of the vine and the wine, to be sponsored by a member of the Order and to discharge a right of chancellery whose amount is fixed each year by the National Council .

The man are allowed with the Order with the title of Chevalier (Knight), the Ladies and Young ladies with that of Dame Chanoinesse.

The new members are received during one of the Chapters , two or three, held in the year, the Chevaliers being " adoubés " and the Dame Chanoinesses being " proclaimed ". A diploma is given to the ones and the others with a cross of the Order held by a black ribbon for the Chevaliers and blue for the Dames Chanoinesses.

Obligations for the Knights and Chanoinesses Ladies

The Chevaliers and the Dames Chanoinesses s lend the oath to defend the wine vray, they commit themselves moreover respecting the spirit of the Order summarized in its title: hospitality towards its pars, curiosity towards the things of the wine and courtesy towards all.

An annual contribution whose amount is fixed each year by each Conseil de Commanderie is requested from the active members.

Personalities which manifestly worked for the defense of the wine can be allowed with the Order like honorary members.


The pageantry is made up for the Chevaliers by a doubled black cape of white, with Maltese red cross and the hat Louis XI with black feathers encircled of a red cord and budded with the weapons of the Order .

For the Dames Chanoinesses, it comprises the same cape with Maltese blue cross and same encircled hat of a blue cordon.

The behaviour is obligatory for the High-ranking dignitaries like for the Dignitaries fulfilling a function of representation. It is optional for the Chevaliers and Dames Chanoinesses.


The Order organizes Chapters in France and abroad. In France, At least a Chapitre Magistral is organized each year. Chapters can be organized by the Commanderies, during which new members can be received by the Grand Maître or his representative. The calendar of the chapters is published in the beginning of each Year.

Apart from the chapters, the Commanderies organize in their area of the meetings devoted to the wine and the gastronomy for their members.

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